2009 Route 666 Run
aka Devils Highway and now named AZ 191



The most dramatic section of former Rt 666 is known today as the Coronado Trail Scenic Byway. The Route 666 Run is a magnificent 265 mile ride on one of the most scenic stretches of American tarmac, in commemoration of the birth and death of the once legendary Devil’s Highway.

* U.S. Rt 666 was first commissioned in 1926 with a northern terminus of Cortez, CO.
* The signage arrived to Arizona in 1938, stretching to Douglas. 30 miles of it overlapped US 66.
* 1985 marked the end of U.S. Route 66 designation, leaving U.S. 666 an orphan.
* Dislike of the reference to the antichrist, street signs were stolen at a faster pace than they could be replaced, rerouting, and complaints from superstitious drivers were a few of the reasons that lead to the gradual cessation of Route 666.
* Arizona changed the numbering to U.S. 191 in 1993.

The 265 mile long Devil's Highway Run covers the most scenic stretch of the former Rt 666, which is actually one of the finest rides in the entire US!

Thanks to Gabor and azride.com for organizing such a great ride!!!

Karla's Ride Report:

We just got home from our ride back. I wanna do it again Next Weekend!!!! ...'cept I gotta work...

Really- had a GREAT time! Weather really did run the gamot from 93 degrees and sweatin' like a pig, to 51 and chilly, to rain gear desired.

The ride was AWESOME!!! Second time I have done it with the Spyder (3rd time I have done it overall) and it was a blast! Sunny and nice up there in the elevation. Just little sprinkles on the end, the last 10 minutes back into town it really started to rain for real. Just enough to motivate us to get back a little faster, but not enough to make you want to quit or anything…

So, we got into town Friday evening and dinked around, figured out where we needed to be for check in for the morning, and of course found the town’s only Starbucks. We met up with Tat2Rob & Cyberdos around 7-ish for dinner. (On a side note, we went to Bugga Red’s- not so hot. Not bad, just not so good either…)

Next morning we got up bright & early to get our breakfast, and of course- our Coffee!!! Check out the photos- Dave piloted the V-Strom while I held the quad shot venti cinnamon dulce *nose in the air* back to The Rode Inn, to have with our breakfast. (I woulda said curl the pinky moment, however, I had to hold on!) All the while I’m thinking, now wouldn’t this make for an interesting story if anything happened & we ended up in the ER and had explain that one.

Got back from retrieving our coffee to find the Julio (Cyberdos) and Rob (Tat2Rob) had indeed found us a broom to sweep the roads- Ha! Complete with flowers! Oh, wasn’t that so sweet! (Not so sure why they thought it would be *ME* doing the “housework” but…) We all had breakfast then headed over to get our groovy little Route 666 pins and our raffle tickets for later in the day, and then headed out to RIDE!!!


It was a pleasant surprise that there weren’t a thousand riders there for this event- Gabor, the event coordinator said he thought maybe 50 riders. About 100 registered, but he figured about half bailed because of the chance of rain. There were A LOT of Harley riders, about 70%, a group of Ducati riders, some BMW folks, and then a few of mix-matched riders, like us.

We had to pass a few riders here and there, weather really was pretty close to perfect. Pretty much all the other riders were courteous and moved over if you wanted to pass. All just did their own thing, went at whatever pace they enjoyed and had a great time.

Just as we were leaving Clifton to enter the fun part of 191, we spotted some Rocky Mtn Big Horn Mtn Goat right next to the road.

Many beautiful sights were to be seen on this ride – if you’ve never done it, you really owe it to yourself to do it. We stopped in a spot *almost* at the end and had lunch, but the real highlight of that was the Peach Cobbler they had just taken out of the oven- OH MY YUM! On the last leg home we got a little rain, but only about the last 10 minutes of the ride.

We rested up, and then headed off to Java Blues for the raffle drawing, some booze and dinner. Wahoo! I won a $100 at Iron Horse in Tucson, and Julio won a set of new tires- the big winner!!! Way cool!! (And on another side note, Java Blues had good food, we will go there again. …Except they put walnuts in their biscotti, but that’s a whole ‘nother story…)

After dinner we hung out at the motel with some other riders, shooting the breeze, sharing some booze and telling some tales about the day, and other riding stuff. You know, the usual stuff. Had a good time while Gulliver kept watch over the bikes in the parking lot below.

This morning CrozB & I headed out to meander our way home. We got a little rain at about Show Low, but no biggie. Had some good lunch at a BBQ spot (Grumpy Jake’s- it was good and worth a ‘do-over’ fyi…) and decided to take 60 home. We stopped at a spot along the Salt River Canyon and it was awesome!! Stuck our feet in for a little bit, as it was getting warm again as we got lower on the elevation. This spot was so nice, and there was no one there!!! Gulliver reminded Dave that he is a scent hound, NOT a water dog, and we got some pretty funning pics of that, too.

Got home finishing the ride at 98 degrees *yuck* and Gulliver is “toast” and pretty much sleeping through everything, on the couch.

So, to sum it up- Had a GREAT trip! Had fun hanging out with everyone and meeting Cyberdos and Tat2Rob! TOTALLY gonna do this event next year!!!


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